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Calgary, Alberta

Oil & Gas Sustainability helps leaders make distinctive and substantial improvements in sustainability performance, while supporting the core business.


About Dan Zilnik

Dan Zilnik is the Principal for Oil & Gas Sustainability Ltd. (O&G), and a member of the board for Carbon Management Canada.  Dan has over a decade of background and experience working with energy, mining companies and governments to make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in sustainability performance. 

Dan holds an MSc from the London School of Economics and is a Harvard certified negotiator.

You can reach Dan at or (403) 681-5347. 

Dan Zilnik's Expertise: Environment and Sustainability

Recognized in the oil and gas industry as a leader on environment, sustainability and safety. While Dan was leading the environment and climate portfolio at Statoil Canada, Statoil received CSR Daily “Best Sustainability” and “Best Report” awards, Responsible Canadian Energy Award for environment and the Responsible Canadian Energy Award for social impact.

Value to you:

  • Track record of high quality work.
  • Ability to “cut through the clutter” to develop and implement meaningful environmental, safety and sustainability strategies, training and programs.


Supported multiple clients in developing meaningful sustainability data driven management systems, which include monitoring reports and KPIs. These have led to lasting, and substantial improvements in operational performance including adding $15-20 million NPV CAD to the business case of a client.

Value to you:

  • Use data to improve operational decision-making and increase profits.

DAN ZILNIK'S EXPERTISE: Management Systems (MS)

Worked with several companies on strengthening corporate environmental and safety performance through management systems development and training. This work includes taking sustainability out of its own work-stream and embedding it through the MS and aligning the MS with local regulations.

Value to you:

  • Experienced in embedding environment and safety in management systems.
  • Knowledge of local, relevant regulations.

DAN ZILNIK'S EXPERTISE: Policy and Regulation

Dan has supported several clients in compliance including working in-house to ensure quality of GHG data, prepare operations for compliance. As Leader of Environment at Statoil, Dan was responsible for compliance with all regulations under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, where Statoil had zero non-compliance. He is a member of the board of Carbon Management Canada.

Value to you:

  • Knowledge of Federal and Provincial regulation in the oil and gas sector.
  • Track record of ensuring organizational environmental compliance.
  • Through board role, connected to government decision makers.