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Calgary, Alberta

Oil & Gas Sustainability helps leaders make distinctive and substantial improvements in sustainability performance, while supporting the core business.

About Oil & Gas Sustainability

Dan Zilnik, President of Oil & Gas Sustainability Ltd.

Dan Zilnik, President of Oil & Gas Sustainability Ltd.

Founded by award-winning energy expert and author Dan Zilnik, Oil & Gas Sustainability is one of the most sought out sustainability consultancies for energy sustainability and policy.

Read more about Dan Zilnik (here).


Our Values

  • Guard our client confidences: We strive to build a relationship based on trust by guarding client interests, data and confidences always putting client interests ahead of our own.
  • Express the truth as we see it: We generate data and new evidence, and express the truth as we see it to support your organization in making the best decisions. 
  • Only engage if we can create value: We will only take on an engagement if we believe we can create value for the client substantially in excess of our professional fees.
  • Care equally about every team member: Respect and care equally about every individual in the team, helping others to succeed, contributing to a positive working environment. 

A Career at Oil & Gas Sustainability Ltd.

Oil & Gas Sustainability is a boutique, small firm. While there are no active openings at this moment we are always interested in meeting with energetic and intelligent people and bringing them into our team.

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